2014 Visit to Aberdeen

The 2014 Visit to Aberdeen

On Friday 29 August a delegation of 5 Malawians will arrive in Aberdeen.  Fanuel Blesings Mota will be one of these visitors representing our twinned church at Mpachika.  For the first of the three week stay Blessings will be accommodated in the manse and with Diane being away in South Africa Blessings will be hosted by Alex McConochie.  For those directly involved in planning this visit there has been a lot of hard work both here and in Malawi and below there are images from the Commissioning Service when the five Missionaries (for that is what they are) received their travel documents from Blantyre CCAP General Secretary Rev Maulana.

The 2010 visit and the 2012 Update.

Owing to personnel changes your webmaster never did get a narative about the 2010 visit to Aberdeen by friends from Malawi. Thankfuly however he did get a photographic record of visits to Thainstone Mart, a local farm, the David Livingstone Centre and our socials. You can see all of the photographs here.

In February 2012 Rev Diane Hobson our new minister however travelled to Malawi in her capacity as Chair of Aberden Presbytery’s Twinning Committee. This was an arduous although enjoyable trip for Diane and she was given a splendid welcome and celebration by our friends at Mpachika. Diane will in due time report on her trip here but for the moment (April 2012) she is under doctors orders to rest so you will have to be patient.

What I can tell you now is that the Abusa (minister) at Mpachika is still Rev Master Jumbe (his photograph is in the church vestibule). Our friends at Mpachika are still working on the Margaret Donald kitchen to enable them to continue feeding the very many orphans in the area. In May Mpachika Church will be fundraising (sound familiar?) to help with the kitchen project and they have asked us to pray for them. We have been promised some up to date pictures from Malawi so as soon as they arrive you will be able to see them here.