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Following the retiral of Captain Stewart Innes after 40 years BB service in March 2019 the sole remaining Officer, did not feel able to continue and advised the Kirk Session in July of her intention to resign.  The session felt unable to take any action to help and accordingly the Company has ceased to exist.  The Battalion will contact the boys individually during the holidays and advise of their nearest company.

Another chapter in the St Mark’s story has come to an end.

The 30th Coy Boys’ Brigade is affiliated with St Mark’s Church

After a gap of a few years, following the dissolution of the 8th Coy Boys’ Brigade, St Mark’s is once again affiliated with a BB Company.  The 30th were formerly the Denburn Church Company but with the closure of Denburn the boys started meeting in BB Headquarters in Crimon Place.  This will continue but the Company is now part of St Mark’s.

The St Mark’s Kirk Session will offer support to the Company and we have appointed, Dianne Morrison and Milton and Kay Montgomery to be responsible for oversight.  Although the boys will continue to meet in Crimon Place their Services will be held in St Mark’s and we hope that the Congregation will support events like Open Nights etc.

The first ‘official’ event was the annual Dedication Service of the Company at the start of the new Session.  This took place in St Mark’s on Sunday 30 September 2012 at 11.00am and was conducted by Rev Dr Brian Sheret.

In keeping with the webmaster’s policy of trying to keep up to date as much as possible the BB page has had a ‘little brother’ added and contains reports and photographs by “Aunty Ally” (Officer Allison Stewart) on a range of activities.  The 2014 button above only reports on the 2014 highlights.  Other info is on the next page.  Use the button below.

Company History

The 30th Company was instituted at Rosemount Church, Caroline Place on 13th Novemebr 1905 and still have some items from those days, including a hat with a leather chin-strap.  Dating from 1912 is the Barrie Cup and a variety of other shields and cups which are still presented. From 1953 there is cine film of the Rosemount Church Parade, High School Inspection (1955) and the Jubilee Parade (1955).  (These short films are now available on DVD.)  There are numerous photographs of fund raising events, open nights and parades etc dating from the 1970’s.

In the summer of 1992 the Company moved to Denburn Church, Summer Street where it remained until Denburn’s closure in 2006.  The Company then moved to Boy’s Brigade Headquarters in Crimon Place where it still currently meets and in September 2012, affiliated with St Mark’s Church, Rosemount Viaduct.

Between 2000 – 2005 the Company was awarded the Aberdeen Battalion Bible Class Award in four out of the five years.

One famous ‘old boy’ is Andy Watson, a former player for Abereen FC.

Current Details

The Company run three separate sections; Anchor Boys, Junior Section and Company Section although since the move to Crimon Place all sections meet together.  Often the Company is asked to represent the Aberdeen Battalion eg on Remembrance Sunday, to lay the Poppy Wreath and one of the senior boys carried the Queen’s Jubilee Baton.

Current Officers

Company Captain is Stewart Innes who served as a boy at the 63rd Northfield and 45th Woodside companies.  He qualified as an Officer with the Junior Section of the 50th Denburn Company in 1979 and moved to the 28th Ruthrieston Company in 1990 before becoming Captain of the 30th in 1996.

Allison Stewart joined the Company in 1986, qualifying as an Anchor Boys Officer the following year.  Over the years she has become involved in the Junior Section and subsequently the Company Section.


Summer Term Highlights

1The Commonwealth Games have been in Glasgow! We celebrated in Aberdeen too! This term we took part in a badge for the games that was designed jointly by Glasgow – Girlguiding, Scouts, Girls’ Brigade and Boys’ Brigade. We learned a song in sign language, learn a new game called Boccia, learned about boys in BB from a commonwealth country and a big service project.

For part of the badge we had to join with another organisation and take part in an activity with them to qualify for the badge. We joined with 3rd Rosemount Rainbows(my Rainbows!) and 37th A Brownies both from Mid Stocket Church, in a joint gardening project at Hazlewood School.  The school has a sensory garden and we helped tidy it up. We also planted poppy seeds and had a minute’s silence for the 100 year Remembrance of the first world war. This was our Service part of the badge. We also joined in the Aberdeen Battalion and Junior Section Commonwealth Games morning at BB HQ and did some celebrating at our open night.

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