Messenger Archive

Here you can find material from previous editions of the Messenger since the re-launch of the website at Christmas 2008.  The site was subsequently upgraded in the Spring of 2015 using  As time goes by there will be more and more material for this part of the website and I have therefore laid the groundwork by organising the quarterly editions from 2011, when we moved on to using, into sections for each year.  Prior to 2011 there is an individual page for each edition with individual Links to each active page of the archive.

Each “Link” will take you to the relevant page and you can navigate back to here using your browser’s “back” arrow or use the links on the retrieved page.

Year Edition Link
2017 Autumn Current
2017 Summer Active
2017 Spring Active
2016 All Editions Active
2015 All Editions Active
2014 All Editions Active
2013 All Editions Active
2012 All Editions Active
2011 All Editions Active
2010 Winter Active
2010 Autumn Active
2010 Summer Active
2010 Spring Active
2009 Winter Active
2009 Autumn Active
2009 Summer Active
2009 Spring Active
2008 Winter Active