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Welcome to Aberdeen St Mark’s Church of Scotland Stewardship Page

Here you can read more about our Stewardship Programme,Our Gifts to God.

In 2012 the General Assembly directed that every congregation undertake a three year programme of Stewardship dealing with, Time, Talents and Money.  St Mark’s was already involved in a Pastoral Stewardship Programme which involved every member getting a phone call from a St Mark’s Elder twice a year and so we added a Talents initiative to our programme for 2012 and agreed to undertake the Money element in 2013.  You can read the 2013 Stewardship Booklet here.

In 2014 we moved on to Time which was dealt with from the pulpit and for 2015 we returned to Talents.  That time around Diane preached a Stewardship Season about our Talents in September/October and we concluded the season with a ‘Beano’ after worship on Sunday 18 October 2015.

The 2015 Stewardship Talents Season was largely pulpit supported and Diane preached on Sundays 13 and 27 September and on 4 and 18 October.  On that last Sunday there was a ‘Talents Beano’.  This was a free lunch of soup, sandwiches and sweet which took place in the Hall after worship.  Everyone was invited and there was an invitation in the Messenger with an RSVP slip so we might know the numbers attending.

In 2016 the Stewardship cycle took us back to Money and the Stewardship Committee agreed that Diane should preach a Talents Season in September/October.  The Committee also agreed that it was not necessary to hold further Gatherings so instead we issued leaflets with the ‘Messenger’ to get the Stewardship message across.  We started with the Easter Messenger which included our own leaflet and later issues included Church of Scotland material.

In 2017 the Talents timetable takes us back to ‘Time’ and it will be for the Steering Group to plan our events while we are in vacancy.

Our Stewardship Steering Group

The members of the Steering Group for 2016 was as follows. (Membership start date in brackets)

Alan Brown (2014)
Rev Diane Hobson (2013)
Gail Hogg (2013)
Ian Lord (2013)
Marjorie Lord (2013)
Dianne Morrison (2013)
Alex McConochie (2013)
Helen McKenzie (2014)

As our Stewardship Programme continues the suggestion is for two members to retire each year and be replaced by new members. David Yacamini (Convener) retired in 2014 and was replaced as Convener for 2015/16 by Rev Diane Hobson. With Diane’s demission the Steering Group requires a new convener.