St Mark’s Website Updates

2011 Right 2In keeping with on-going development and improvement of the site, details of principal updates to the content etc (normally for the current/previous month) are now recorded here rather than on the Home Page. Some routine changes are not noted below, you’ll just see them as you surf.  The Worship Calendar is updated regularly.

Date Update (Latest First)  All open in New Windows
22 December
Winter Messenger added and Archive updated

By clicking on the *Rotas link in the banner below Office Bearers can access the various  rotas and print  off copies as required.  By clicking on the *Downloads link you can access Gift Aid, Standing Order and Standing Order Review forms for printing and completion.  The *Publications link allows you to read or download various magazines or newsletters and you can use the *Order of Service link to access details of Sunday Services, usually a short time after worship.  The issuu OoS link lets you see a new instantly readable version of the Pew Leaflet without having to download any data.

To be able to read any of the documents contained in these *links you will need the Adobe Acrobat© Reader pdf   which you can download free here .

The site is regularly updated and details of main changes are given above.  However the site is also routinely managed and minor changes can be done at any time without formal announcement.  Keep checking back, you may see something you didn’t see last time! ( Webmaster )