Easter Message April 2020

Easter Message from the Interim Moderator April 2020

Dear folks and friends of St. Mark’s Church of Scotland, Aberdeen.

Greetings to you in Holy Week 2020

At this time of year, we have been accustomed to gathering in our churches to celebrate Easter and sing the wonderfully uplifting hymns such as “Thine be the glory” or “Jesus Christ is risen today”. One of my favourite Easter hymns is a quiet, gentle and profound one “Now the green blade riseth from the buried grain” which includes the words in the fourth verse:

“When our hearts are wintry, grieving, or in pain,
Thy touch can call us back to life again,
Fields of our hearts that dead and bare have been:
Love is come again,
Like wheat that springeth green.”

The global Covid 19 pandemic has radically changed our lives in a very short space of time. There has been a curtailing and suspension of many of the activities we enjoy and have probably taken for granted. The situation has sharply confronted us with our sense of mortality. Along with that may come deeper reflection on the purpose and meaning of life; how should we live with the opportunities we have; how do we express love, care and duty in a time of “social distancing”?

It is very important that we as a Church are rooted in the foundation of our faith, our Rock and Redeemer Jesus Christ, our Saviour and Lord.

This may be a time we can use to delve deeper into the Scriptures, to reflect and pray. We can listen for God’s prompting and guidance. Following these encounters with the living God we will have a clearer sense of how to live and love in these strange times.

Many of you will be missing the opportunity to gather in St. Mark’s sanctuary for worship. Stiubhart MacChoille has been leading you in regular Sunday worship for about three years and his ministry has been very much appreciated. Stiubhart was to be leading Sunday worship at St Mark’s up to the end of April. As a congregation the intention was at that time, to thank Stiubhart and wish him God’s blessing as he parted from St. Mark’s. We look forward to marking his service to St. Mark’s on another occasion.

Regarding pastoral care from the Church, please keep in touch with your Church Elders and enquire from them if there is anything you are needing assistance with. As your Interim Moderator, please also feel that you can contact me if there might be something I could assist you with. Also, if you have the technology, I would encourage you to regularly visit the St Mark’s church web site where there are links to online services which you can enjoy. Among these are the West End and City centre cluster group services, which involve the ministers of Midstocket, Rubislaw, Queen’s Cross and Holburn West churches I am taking part in these both as Minister of Holburn West and Interim Moderator of St. Mark’s. Also, the Rev Ian Murray, who is presently Interim Minister of Kirk of St. Nicholas Uniting is taking part. Most likely, in May, he will also become the Interim Minister for St. Mark’s.

My thoughts and prayers are with you at this strange and unsettling time. Recalling the words of the Easter hymn above, I pray that through it all, you may also see and experience green shoots of God’s eternal love made known to us through the life, death and Resurrection of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ!

The Lord bless you!
Rev Duncan C. Eddie
Interim Moderator of St. Mark’s Church