St Mark’s Church Easy Fundraising Page

By clicking on the banner below you will link to the St Mark’s Easy Fundraising Page which will give you access to a wide range of on-line retailers who will donate a percentage of the price of your purchase to the church – and it’s all FREE!  It will not cost you anything for buying in this way (and on-line purchases can be cheaper than shop prices), it will not cost the church anything and we will receive a cash donation every time anyone shops through this link.



You can even help raise funds for St Mark’s just by searching the internet.  If you click on the banner below and use the search engines there (rather than Google) a donation of 0.5p will be made for every search you make, it soon adds up, mony a mickle maks a muckle!




November 2011 – to May 2019

We received our first Fundraising cheque from EasyFundraising in November 2011 amounting to £17.23 as a result of the shopping and web-searching habits of a small group of people.  Just imagine how big the cheque could be if our group was even bigger!  So get shopping and surfing for the benefit of St Mark’s.

To date through the efforts of a group now numbering just ten people we have raised £808.39