Kids Korner Competitions


C o m p e t i t i o n s

Here you can see previous competition winners and entries – maybe yours is one of them.  If so CONGRATULATIONS for taking part, if not why not try the next time – you could win a prize!

Looks like I didn’t set a 2014 competition – how bad of me.

I did however set a 2015 ‘Count and Colour Competition’ this involved counting the ‘hidden’ Easter Eggs and colouring the picture.  There were two winners:  First for colouring was Glen Murray (who counted only 21 of the 22 Eggs) and First for counting was a joint effort by Matthew and Jamie Donaldson – 22 Eggs.  I apologise that I besmirched both entries by marking the Eggs as I counted and re-counted them – this wasn’t easy!!  And I also awarded prizes to Cameron & Chloé whose entries didn’t actually reach me, although I did see them doing the colouring (on the closing date!!)!

Glen Murray First for Colour

Glen Murray First for Colour

Matthew & Jamie Donaldson First for Counting

Matthew & Jamie Donaldson First for Counting







The Easter 2013 Competition was back to a colouring contest and this time there were three entries and three winners!  Glen, Jamie and Matthew all entered.  The quality of the image, printed in the magazine was not as good as it might have been but all three entries coped well.  In the end it was only fair that they all were judged as winners.   We even had a late entry on Easter morning at breakfast and I’m pleased to say Cammy didn’t go home empty handed either.

We also had a very difficult Easter quiz but both Stephen and Alison answered 19 out of 21 questions (thanks to auntie Carole) so both won prizes.  Altogether it was a very chocolatey day!



The Christmas 2012 Competition was a quiz and answers had to be in in time for the Sunday School Nativity Service.  This time there were three (almost) correct entries, Professor Glen (he always wins), Stephen and Alison.  Well done you three!  Quiz and Answers here .

Our Autumn 2012 Competition was a Harvest Wordsearch and the only (almost) correct entry, once again came from Glen – well done professor!  You can see the quiz and answers here.

The Summer 2012 Competition prize was award to Glen (and his mum) who submitted the only entry to the Wordsearch.  This was a very difficult competition and no-one entered the Pentecost colouring competition so no prize awarded!

Glen’s all corect answer was: Thus it is written that the Christ should suffer and on the third day rise from the dead and that repentance and forgiveness of sins should be proclaimed in his name to all nations beginning from Jerusalem. Well done Glen (and Sandra). 

The Easter Competition was open to everyone, kids and adults alike and the results are included in our Photograph Album and in a new format here.

The Christmas 2011 and previous Joseph colouring competition entries are below:-