Kid’s Korner



Hi there!

The St Mark’s website is a living, breathing part of our church and like you it grows and changes very quickly. Things you see today might not be here next time you look but just like you can see how you were some time back by looking at your family photo album (or you mum’s Facebook page!) you can find a lot of the older Kid’s Korner stuff in the Archive. Having said that it’s been a while since this page was updated.

There’s no real reason for that except that numbers at Sunday School have been falling and it’s difficult to run competitions for such a limited audience.  However there will be an EASTER 2015 COMPETITION open to all Sunday School age children in the congregation and details will be in the ‘Messenger’ but they are here now.

This is a ‘Colouring and Count’ Competition. Colour the picture and count the eggs.  Entries must be in by Palm Sunday and Prizes will be awarded for the best and most accurate answers of Easter Sunday.

To get started click here to download the image.

Entries for previous competitions are now on the new Competitions Page.

This front page will hold the most recent competition(s) and any stuff you send me.

To reach me by e-mail with anything you want to send for Kid’s Korner (here or in the St Mark’s Messenger) just click here.