NHS Chaplain


The Chaplaincy department is very much part of NHS Grampian and in common with the wider organisation we are very busy but coping well. We prepare carefully for these eventualities and all the plans that have been developed are in place. NHS Grampian staff are fantastic and we are very grateful to them – whether they are in a clinical role or a support function.

The Chaplaincy department continues to function but with some changes:

  • Some Colleagues for age or health reasons are self-isolating.
  • We are avoiding multi-site working on the same day.
  • We are changing our focus much more to staff support, although still responding as best we can to patient referrals.
  • We are trying to work by phone and virtually, so all our Community Chaplaincy Listening appointments connected to GP practices and Aberdeen Health and Care Village are now by telephone.

All the experiences of life go on in the midst of Covid19 and in the past few days we have had an emergency bedside wedding, a virtual blessing for a very sick child at home  and  baby blessings for early pregnancy and neo-natal loss.

Thank you for the concern and prayers of all the faith communities. We anticipate the level of activity is only going to increase and intensify in coming days, so we would appreciate those continuing prayers for NHS Grampian staff and for the Chaplaincy department in particular. As well as those prayers we would urge you and your congregations to adhere to all to the advice issued from NHS Grampian and indeed nationally.

Mark Rodgers, Lead Chaplain, on behalf of NHS Grampian Chaplaincy Team. 25th March , 2020.