The Ministers of St Mark’s

I suppose to be accurate this is a photographic record of the ministers of the former South Parish Church (1892 – 1972) and St Mark’s Parish Church (1972 – present).  Since it opened in 1892, our building has seen only nine permanent ministers and in more recent times two Interim Moderators and two Locums.  (The position before 1972 is not readily available.)  We now have photographs of all of them.  (Although I would like a better image of James Wood – if anyone out there has one.)  With the induction of Rev Diane Hobson BA(Hons) BD(Hons) on 28 October 2010 St Mark’s entered a new era with our ninth minister and our first female minister. On 19 February 2017 Rev Diane Hobson retired on health grounds and currently the charge is vacant.  On 3 November 2017 St Mark’s was united with Queen Street Parish Church and a list on ministers (sorry – no photographs) who served that building through it various unions follows the St Mark’s images below.

The Ministers of Queen Street Church from 1843

The present church building was erected in 1905.  Previously a smaller building known as the Free North Church had occupied a site nearby since 1844.  In 1925 the church became known as the North Church of Scotland.  Locally it had always been known as the North Kirk.  In 1967 it was united with King Street Church and took the name The North Church of St Andrew, which united in 2004 with Greyfriars John Knox, at the other end of the street which gave rise to the name Queen Street Church.

1843 – 1861 Rev John Murray 1947 – 1950 Rev George Docherty
1861 – 1873 Rev George Campbell 1950 – 1958 Rev Arthur Gray
1873 – 1882 Rev John D Low 1958 – 1976 Rev A A Bowyer
1883 -1902 Rev Francis R Barry 1969 – 1974 Rev Jack McLennan (Assoc. Min)
1903 – 1920 Rev James Stewart 1976 -1990  Rev W Gordon Haggerty
1920 – 1931 Rev D C Mitchell 1991 – 1995  Rev Tom Wilson
1932 – 1938 Rev Stewart D Gray 1997 – 2004  Rev Graeme W M Muckart
1938 – 1947 Rev John Symington 2008 – 2017  Rev  Dr Graeme D S Deans


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