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On this page you can read about our “Annual” Pantomimes which now tend to alternate with a Cabaret.  You can read about our Spring Plays here and the Cabarets here.  (Most of this material first appeared in the “St Mark’s Messenger”)

“The Christmas Panto 2009”

Panto 09

The trouble with the Christmas Magazine is that the Editor’s deadline is in the middle of October and it makes it quite difficult to say very much about our panto which will have been performed after this piece has been written and before the magazine has been delivered.  Nevertheless I am prepared to “stick my neck out” and say that the panto will be, is and was, fabulous!

I can say that because at the time of writing, rehearsals are underway and everyone involved is pulling out all the stops to make it so!  Police in Boots was the very first production the St Mark’s Players put on, way back in February 1991.  A few of the current “Players” took part in that production but some of them weren’t even born then!  The script has been re-written and updated, new music has been chosen and all of the principal roles are being played by new faces, so the whole thing has a fresh, up to date look, feel and sound, yet remains a traditional panto story with everything you have come to expect from us.

Taking charge this time around is Ricky Garden.  Ricky has been with the Players for a number of years now, having been brought along by his wife Paula who told us, “he can sing a bit”.  Something of an understatement as those of you have seen our performances can testify.  Ricky is also known for his comic talent and he brings all of this to his role as Director.

With performances from some of our younger, Stage Door, members, Police in Boots, performed on 19, 20 & 21 November was a terrific show and if you missed it – too bad!

“Break a leg!”


The “Christmas” Panto 2008

Drama ban

By the time you are reading this I hope many of you will have seen and enjoyed our “Christmas 2008” Panto, Beauty and The Beast.  If you didn’t you missed a great show full of fun and laughter, great songs and awful jokes! (courtesy of the Minister!)  You can now see our on stage efforts here and there are more cast pictures here.

It’s difficult to write about what we are doing before we do it and before you read about it after we have!  If that all makes sense.  Having just finished our 2008 Panto it’s a bit early to think about our next production but 2009 will once again see the Spring Plays and Farmhouse Teas although we have no idea what they will be.  At least we can guarantee you’ll enjoy the Teas!

Putting on a Panto is a big undertaking for everyone involved and we want to THANK all of our audiences and everyone else who helped out in any way.  Special thanks are due to Keith Donaldson and Sets in Motion for the flats we used as backgrounds during the show (and to Ian Lord for the painting).  Just to show how grateful we are to Keith we wish him well in his new venture with Trap 4 Ltd. and this year’s Inverurie Panto – Cinderella.

If you missed ours (or even if you saw it) why not book for Inverurie?  The show runs from 13 – 24 December and Tickets are £12.50 & £10.50 for the balcony and £10.00 & £8.50 for the stalls.  Our own Ricky Garden plays Buttons and tickets are available on 0845 527 8151.

“Break a leg”