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As more and more material is added to the website some of the pages are becoming over-long and this was true of the “Players” Page.  I have therefore split up the content and you can now read latest news and general information about our drama group on this page, whilst reviews of Pantos Plays and Cabarets have their own pages.

Now that we are using to provide a full colour version of the St Mark’s Messenger articles about the St Mark’s Players can be read in the Messenger Pages or in the Archive .  However there will still be updates to these pages from time to time.

From the Spring 2011 “Messenger”

Our Cabaret 2010 was a great success with our audiences and the cast liked it as well.  Special congratulations are due to our young Musical Director, Rachael Watson, who not only played piano for some of the songs but also appeared on stage as one of the solo performers.

We are now looking at plans for this year and have already fixed performance dates, such is the demand from other organisations for the use of the St Mark’s hall. We begin the year with our traditional Spring Plays and Farmhouse Tea which are scheduled for 20th and 21st May  (see below).  This year will probably see the production of a single Garry Watson authored play in two acts with the famous St Mark’s Farmhouse Tea at the interval.  Further details will be available in the Pew Leaflet and on the website.  Plans for our Christmas production are at a very early stage but we may be presenting something quite different this year.  Again keep your eyes on the website and Pew Leaflet.  The one thing we do know is that the performances will be on 24th, 25th and 26th November.

Our junior section, Stage Door, will tread the boards on 24th and 25th June for a show which is still at the planning stage but is sure to be another hit with our very supportive audiences.  Although it is still too early to confirm it is likely that this production will also feature interval refreshments for the audience.

Once again further details will be available as they emerge on the website and in the Pew Leaflet.

“Break a leg.”

Spring Play and Farmhouse Tea 2011

This year’s Spring Play has been written by Garry Watson and takes us back, once again, to Glenshoogle as we follow up the story, also created by Garry in our “Murder Mystery” night on 21 March 2009 when we asked “Fa killed Mrs Broon”.  This time around Garry has crafted a two act play, ” Where There’s A Will ” when the weel kent faces of Glenshoogle come to terms with the reading of the late Agnes Broon’s will.  Set in the Glenshoogle Church Hall, our latest production takes place in our own hall on Friday and Saturday 20 & 21 May 2011.

September 2010

Our next production will be performed on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, 18th, 19th and 20th November 2010 when Rachael Watson, our new Musical Director, gets us into shape and voice to present “One Enchanted Evening” .  This will be a Cabaret (with interval supper) featuring songs from Broadway.  Rehearsals started on Sunday 5 September so we are already counting down the days to the opening night.  This will be a joint production featuring both the Players and Stage Door, so there will be something for everyone!

Saturday 27 March 2010

I can now bring you two “hot” items of news.  Firstly the Spring Plays will be performed on Friday 4 and Saturday 5 June 2010 at 7.30pm.  These will be two One Act Scots Comedies written by Agnes Adam, whose work we have done before, “Robing the Minister” is clearly very relevant to our own current position and “The New Hall” is another very funny play now in rehearsal.

Secondly I bring news courtesy of “The Edinburgh Evening News” and “The Scotsman” (whose Copyright is acknowledged) about a dramatic performance by the Saughtonhall Drama Group, Edinburgh.

“Far better was “Bloomin’ Disgrace”.  With a great pace, pithy laugh-out-loud lines and an excellent performance by leads, Murray Petrie and Betty Meston, the audience spent much of the evening in gales of laughter.  Directed by John Webster the play – centred on the underhand tactics in the run-up to the Genshoogle flower and produce show – zings with life and well observed touches.  As they’d say on the Beechgrove Garden, bloomin’ marvellous.”

“Bloomin’ Disgrace” was of course written by our own Garry Watson and received it’s World Premier on the St Mark’s stage courtesy of the St Mark’s Players.

From the Spring 2010 “Messenger”

In the previous Messenger I wrote how difficult it was to write a review of the Christmas Panto for a magazine with an October deadline.  This time around as it gets close to the end of February I have to write about our Spring Plays when the only thing that is certain is that you will get a fabulous Farmhouse Tea during the interval.  And even that is not completely certain because I don’t know if we are going to do two one-act plays or one play with one act or perhaps two!

Regardless of that minor complication you will get a fabulous Farmhouse Tea. – Don’t you always?

There will be a Spring Play or Plays and later in the year there will also be a fresh new production by our younger members in Stage Door.  Planning for both of these productions is in the early stages but you are guaranteed great entertainment, judging by the comments you have made on previous occasions.

Once final decisions have been made on dates, content etc. the latest news on titles and more will be updated on the website and will also be intimated in the Pew Leaflet.

“Break a leg!”

PoliceAutumn 2009

We now turn to Panto season and are looking to re-work our very first production of “Police in Boots” with an updated script and music.  Final performance dates have yet to be fixed* but intimation will be given in the Pew Leaflet nearer the time.  This will be a joint effort involving the senior members of the Players and the younger members of Stage Door who you last saw in “A Stage full of Music and Laughter” in June.


* Breaking News * Breaking News*

This didn’t make the “Messenger”, so for web users only the performance dates are now:-
Thursday – Saturday 19th – 21st November

at 7.30pm nightly with a Saturday Matinee at 2.30pm.

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