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The Spring Plays 2012
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plays 2012

Performed on Friday and Saturday 4 & 5 May 2012 the Spring Plays featured one old and one new play from the Players.  Garry Watson’s “The Church Meeting” saw a reprise of his very first Glenshoogle Comedy which we premiered in 2001.  This time around some of the cast repeated the roles they performed in 2001 and others were first timers, but not on the St Mark’s stage.  Ricky Garden demonstrated the new minister’s penchant for gin and the re-named Georgina Wallace (Carole Brazendale) showed that she could wield a mean gavel with the best of them.  Our other play was a new one and once again received a world premiere courtesy of the Players.  Written by Lynn Thomson, “Summer Break” told of the Guild’s decision to spend part of the summer together by going on holiday.  Choosing a destination (Cyprus, Blackpool, Ben Nevis or a Health Spa) was hilarious as was the final destination when Moira Less (Lynn Low) re-kindled her teen-age romance with Blackpool resident Donald (Alex McConochie).

The Spring Play 2011

Play 2011

The latest production was performed on 20 & 21 May in the church hall.  ” Where There’s A Will ” was a two act Glenshoogle comedy written once again by Garry Watson.  The plot centred on the public reading of the late Mrs Broon’s last will and testament but opened at a Saturday Coffee Morning where all the villagers gathered for the usual gossip until a solicitor (Diane Hobson) appeared to give notice of the will reading.  One of the customers however was not local.  Harry (Ricky Garden), the “boyfriend” of young Crystal Buchan (Booshan)(Sarah Low)  was not only very elderly but also very wealthy and almost all of the villagers managed, one way or another to have a share of his wallet stuffed with £100 notes.  In fact due to the relationship between Harry and Crystal, her mother Angelina (Lynn Low) seemed to have un-ending access to Harry’s cash!

Later that day, at the will reading it soon became clear that almost everyone had profited from Harry’s visit.  Mrs White (Elaine Macdonald) – £200 for two teas, Rev Goodchild (Jack Christie) – £800 to fix the church roof, although Mrs G (Carole Brazendale) thought it was only £600, the rest was for the bookies!  Jean McDonald (Dianne Morrison) – £400 which she shared with Mrs Brady (Margaret Rennie), Mrs Graham (Kay Montgomery) and Mrs Hunter, (Rosalyn Rennie).  However Harry turned out to be the senior partner in law firm Swindle and Swick and Major Harry Swick soon made all of the villagers very uncomfortable as he and his assistant, solicitor Chardonay Farquhar (Angelina’s neice) revealed the test set in old Mrs Broon’s will.  So much embarrasment was created that eventually only Major Swick and Sean (Graeme Low), the village’s bright ideas man, were left.  As the only villager not to have succumbed to Harry’s open wallet, Sean was declared the sole beneficiary of Mrs Broon’s £80 million estate which had been earned by investment of gifts given by the Sultan of Oman in the 1960’s for dancing the Seven Veils by Glenshoogle’s late Champion Highland Dancer.

The Spring Plays 2010

Plays 10 Ban

Have been and gone and were, once again, a great success.  The New Hall saw Jack Christie and Gail Hogg as Mr & Mrs McFarlane (John & Maggie) owners of the local shop who had to contend with a never ending stream of late evening customers as John tried to write an “impromptu” speech for the opening of the new hall, next week.  They also had to contend with grannie (Carole Brazendale) whose game of patience would have tested the patience of a saint and the on/off romance of shop worker Alex (Ricky Garden) and daughter Jessie (Sarah Low).

The Robing of the Minister saw the ladies of the Guild spend more time gossiping (would ladies do that?) than addressing the serious business of chosing a representative to present the new minister’s robes.  Matters were complicated by the lack of knowledge of Miss Young’s (Margaret Rennie) actual age which turned out to be greater by two years than that of Mrs McKenzie (Elaine Macdonald) and by the lack of a strong hand from the chair, Mrs Lawrie (Rosalyn Rennie).  Mrs Blair and Mrs Dunlop (Lynn Low & Kay Montgomery) were more intent on the gossip than the business and haughty Mrs Ritchie (Dianne Morrison) more concerned about her many medical conditions than either!

The “Spring Plays” – August 28 & 29 2009


“Health & Safety” and “Nearly Departed” were performed at the end of August and congratulations must go to Garry Watson for the immensley funny scripts for both plays.  Audiences will never look at a chip shop black pudding in quite the same way again and if they are unfortunate ever to end up in hospital they certainly won’t want a “Jean MacDonald” in the next bed.  From lobotomy to anispeptic and the revelation that God is indeed a woman Jean’s stay in hospital was an education in itself!

Those of you who do have to encounter the “Health & Safety” man in your daily life should hope that you don’t go through the trauma experienced by the staff (and patrons) of the Glenshoogle Gastronome in anticipating his (or in this case her) visit!  To see a flavour of the plays click here.

Fa Killed Mrs Broon?


As an added extra to our usual productions the St Mark’s Players decided to “write out” one of our popular characters regularly featured in Garry’s One Act Plays.  Jean Black has played, Glenshoogle village character Mrs Agnes Broon in several productions and wanted, as they say in the business, to “rest”.  What better way to deal with the very unpleasant Mrs Broon than to have her “murdered”. So, for one night only on Saturday 21 March 2009 the “Players” performed a Murder Mystery in Glenshoogle, Fa Killed Mrs Broon?

The cast included several well known characters, each of whom was seen and heard on the telephone to Mrs Broon and each it seemed had a reason to do away with her.  Abigail Twigg of “Slim Kwick” fame wasn’t keen to have her refer all the slimming class members to a rival organisation,  Simon Powel was keen to avoid payment of compensation for a black pudding problem, Karen Osbourne didn’t want her lack of an “Equity” membership to be revealed and Rev Godfrey Goodchild wanted to keep his secret past secret.  The Guild ladies, Brady, Hunter & Graham hated losing the bowls championsip, Jean McDonald didn’t want her scone recipe hijacked and local undertaker, Hughie Walsh appeared to need the extra business.  Line Dance champion, Rochelle Devine had discovered Mrs Broon’s tally of medals were not all her own and wanted them back and Highlight Zone owner Angelina Buchan did not want her customers diverted to another salon.

In a final twist however after hearing the local police explain all the evidence it turned out that Agnes was murdered by her own sister who had returned from Australia having discovered she was being written out of the will.  And in what really was a final twist the sister turned out to be Jean’s own sister Elsa who appeared in the final line up disguised as Karen Osbourne and completely unrecognised by the “deceased” who had taken her place in the audience to find out, “Fa Killed Mrs Broon”!