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The Projects Committee Page – Two

This committee was set up shortly after our centenary in 1992 to drive the fundraising effort to meet the cost of re-leading the dome and refurbishing the building.  There is however always something to do and so the Committee under its convenor, Anne Donaldson, continues to keep up its work and at the same time foster the St Mark’s spirit of outreach and fellowship.  With so much to report one page is simply not enough and so this second page has been added to hold older items.

2010 Grianan Garden Gathering

2010 GP

The 2010 event was a repeat of the “Grianan Garden Gathering” held in 2008.  “Grianan” is Gaelic meaning, “a sunny spot” and on 18 July 2010, it most certainly was.  Although it rained early in the morning and remained overcast, by 2.00pm the sun was shining and the afternoon grew ever warmer, so much so that extra chairs from both the kitchen and the dining room were brought outside to accommodate all those who attended.  Guests however were encouraged to go inside to visit the Home Baking Stall, which was very popular all afternoon.  In the sunshine the ice cream and crushed strawberries proved to be a popular choice and literally gallons of tea and coffee were drunk to wash down the selection of freshly made sandwiches, cakes, pancakes, tray bakes, etc etc.  Added to all of this the prize raffle and a range of quizzes made for a popular and enjoyable afternoon.  If you didn’t make it (or even if you did) you can see it here

From the Autumn 2009 “Messenger”

It is hard to believe that by the time you receive your magazine summer will have gone and we will be well into autumn.

Lynn and Colin once again held their Garden Party on Sunday 19th July and although the weather was not too kind it did not dampen spirits and the amazing sum of £500 was raised.  Again thank you to Lynn and Colin for all the hard work they put into the event, sitting in their lovely garden I don’t think we appreciate the upheaval, many thanks.

I am writing this before the week of the Charity Shop and I am anticipating its success!  Thank you to all who supplied the ‘stock’ and a special thank-you to all who helped to sort out, transport the goods to the shop and back again, and all who helped out in the shop.

From the Summer 2009 “Messenger”

Lynn and Colin are once more holding their Garden Party on Sunday 19th July, and if the long range weather forecast is right they will have a lovely day!  All the usual stalls etc will be there so please come along, bring your friends and support Lynn and Colin, they put a tremendous amount of work into this event.

The Charity Shop will be open week commencing 21st September, we would be grateful for donations of bric-a-brac, household goods, etc.  If help is required to get items to the Church please phone the office 01224 640672 between 9am and 12 noon or Anne Donaldson 01224 575663.  Thank you.


From the Autumn 2008 “Messenger”

This year we had a change of venue for our summer event and we would like to thank Alex for hosting his “Grianan Garden Gathering”.  It was a very successful event, everyone had a happy time.  The weather could have been kinder but we were very lucky.  Alex put a lot of work and time into this event, we are very grateful and thank him and all who helped in any way.

At the time of writing we are very busy sorting out everything donated for the Charity Shop.  I would like to thank very much the small band of people who have helped with this enormous task.  Because of the difficulty in finding enough people to help before, during and after the week of the shop this has to be the last one.  Many thanks to all who donated goods and to those who have given up their time to help over the years.

Editor: The Charity Shop made £1,358.03p – well done Anne.

From the Autumn 2007 Messenger

Although this has not been a summer noted for lots of sunny days, our outside events have been very fortunate.

Garden Party
July 15th Lynn and Colin held their Garden Party, the sun shone and everyone enjoyed a happy, relaxing afternoon in their beautiful garden.  Once again we thank them for all the work they do preparing for this very special day.  The amazing amount of £600 was raised which topped last year’s record.

Car Treasure Hunt
Lynne and Garry organised a Car Treasure Hunt on 20th July finishing up with a BBQ in their garden. Again the weather was very kind to us. There hasn’t been a Treasure hunt for several years and this year it was won by Dianne, Margaret and Elaine, ‘The Three Amigos’.  The evening was a great success; everyone enjoyed their trip in the countryside and the refreshments at Lynn and Garry’s home.  Many thanks to them for organising this event, hopefully to be repeated.

The Final Fling Oot (The Flea Market)
We thank Margaret Donald for the ‘Final Fling’ fundraiser held in her home and garden and yet again we were lucky with the weather.  We give Margaret our good wishes for good health and happiness in her new home.

Charity Shop
The week beginning 6th August we were in the Charity Shop, this was very successful raising £1,600.  A big thank you to all who provided stock.  Thanks to Keith for the use of his van and to all who loaded and unloaded the goods.  Thanks to Alex for his sermon on the Sunday resulting in an excellent response for helpers. A big thank you to everyone else who helped in any way. it was a very busy week, Ronnie we missed your banter and help!

Old Tyme Dance
By the time you receive your magazine Charlie and Alice Officer will have held their Old Tyme Dance in Culter.  This will be the 10th dance they have held.  Over the ten years Alice and Charlie have raised around £10,000, this is a magnificent achievement and we give them our grateful thanks.   They have decided they should go out on a high, so sad to say, this is the ‘last dance’ .  Many thanks to both of you, and the friends who came to the dances to support you.

Coffee Shops
At the time of writing this the Summer Coffee Shops are almost finished, I would like to thank all who worked in the shops and especially all who did extra duties, this was very much appreciated.  We have been very fortunate that they have been so successful but unfortunately not so well supported by our own congregation.

However, you will have the opportunity to support the Christmas Coffee shops which will be held on Saturday – 1st, 8th and 15th December.  Please come along and support them.

Anne Donaldson
01224 575663

The Projects Committee has had a busy summer.  Thank you to Anne, as Convenor,  for making the Projects Committee such a success.