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The Projects Committee Page – One

This committee was set up shortly after our centenary in 1992 to drive the fundraising effort to meet the cost of re-leading the dome and refurbishing the building.  There is however always something to do and so the Committee under its convenor, Anne Donaldson, continues to keep up its work and at the same time foster the St Mark’s spirit of outreach and fellowship.  With so much to report one page is simply not enough and so a second page has been added to hold older items.

Now that we are using to provide a full colour version of the St Mark’s Messenger articles about the Projects Committee can be read in the Messenger Pages or in the Archive .  But it is still worth checking here to see if new photographs have been added.

One of the Projects Committee’s popular events is the Annual Garden Party originally hosted by Lynn and Colin Thomson at their Bridge of Don home and subsequently moved to Alex McConochie’s garden and re-named the ‘Grianan Garden Gathering’.  Alex hosted the Garden Party for the first time in 2008 as a temporary measure but since 2010 the Grianan Garden Gathering has a new permanent home.  Allowing both fun and fellowship this happy event also make a regular contribution to the Projects Fund.

Nothing of course is actually permanent and in 2014 Alex downsized and moved from Grianan.  Since then the Garden Party has become an indoor event, held in the Church Hall, where it had been held in the past but only when the weather demanded it.

For 2015 this event was re-named as A Summer Fun Day and held in the Church Hall where it was, as ever, a very successful afternoon, both in terms of fellowship and also as a fund-raiser for the son of a member, living in Sri Lanka who desperately needed a kidney.  Click on the title to see how it went.

The July 2014 Indoor Garden Party

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Because the Grianan Garden was no longer available this year we organised the first ‘official’ Indoor Garden Party and it was a complete success.  All of the usual attractions were available and we even had an Ice Cream and Toppings stall organised by Lynne & Garry Watson which did a roaring trade.  Although the plan looked good in the morning which brought rain, by the afternoon it was warm enough to move outside – but we didn’t.  Instead all the party goers enjoyed, sandwiches, cakes, tray bakes etc etc and bought calendars, notelets, bookmarks, quizzes and home bakes.  The winner of the Treasure Hunt was a lady visiting from Queen Street and because of comments about the difficulty of the quizzes entrants were given a week to submit their answers.  In the event only two (cash) prizes were awarded.  In the ‘Knowledge’ Quiz the winner was our own Chloé Garden and in the ‘Who, What, Where etc’ Quiz the winner was Lorraine Meston from Bridge of Don.  You can see the afternoon here and the quiz answers here.

The June 2013 Grianan Garden Gathering

Finally we were able to hold the Gathering in the Grianan Garden on what was a dry Sunday afternoon, well for about an hour.  The Gathering was brought forward to June because Alex was away for most of July and everything went well until just after 3.00pm when the skies opened up and deluged us all.  To begin with it was a light shower and only a few people moved from the garden to the house but after about fifteen minutes there was a major exodus to the lounge, dining area and sun-lounge.  Nevertheless we continued drinking tea etc, eating sandwiches and cake as well as strawberries and ice cream.  One or two of the early arrivals went away but a goodly crowd stayed on for the raffle and we finished just after 4.00 almost when the rain stopped.

As the afternoon came to an end Alex announced that this had been the last Grianan Garden Gathering as he was planning to downsize and relocate to a flat with no garden.  So if you have a suitable garden it’s now your chance to host one of the most popular events of the St Mark’s calendar.

The July 2012 Grianan Garden Gathering

For only the second time (and twice in two years) the Garden Party had to move to the church hall because of another dreadfully wet summer.  Nevertheless it was once again a great success of friendship and fellowship, not to mention great food, quizzes and competitions.  Dianne Morrison won the “Sunniest Spot” competition based on banners from the website, Colin Thomson won the Quizzes and Lucy Rose at only 5 (I suspect Grandad Dave lent a hand) was the runner up.  There were some great prizes in the raffle, including several lovely candles!  You can see how we all enjoyed ourselves here .

The July 2011 Garden Party

The 2011 Garden Party was planned as a further Grianan Garden Gathering because Lynn & Colin were involved with their new house in Orkney.  Regrettably July 2011 will go down in history as one of the wettest summers on record.  24 hours before the Gathering the rain fell all day and a decision was taken, so as to avoid disapointment, to move the venue to the Church Hall, for the first time ever.  Notices were displayed during the Church Coffee Morning, phone calls, e-mails and text messages told as many ticket holders as possible and a sign was also displayed on site in case people did turn up at Grianan.  In the event the altered arrangements went well, the “Garden” Party was well attended and the amount raised was the best ever in the history of the event.  The thanks of the Projects Committee go out to everyone who attended, helped on the day and supported us in so many ways.  You can see how it all went here .