Sunday School & Youth Fellowship


Earlier this year (2019) both Jo Donaldson our SS Superintendent and Paula Garden decided to give up the reins as the boys had ‘outgrown’ Sunday school.

However the Sunday School continues under a new leadership team.  Justine Howie has agreed to lead the class and she will be assisted by Mhorag and Angeline as well as one of our Session Clerks, Helen Burr.  This new Sunday School has Stiubhart’s support and their first meeting was held on Sunday 22 September

I hope that the children of the Sunday School and their parents will come to see this as their own part of the website and will contribute “stuff” – (any type of stuff – poems, stories, drawings, pictures etc) as time goes on.  And the Kids Korner page will be re-vamped to feature more contributions and  be a source of puzzles, quizzes and competitions etc.

Now that we are using to provide a full colour version of the St Mark’s Messenger articles about the Sunday School can be read in the Messenger Pages or in the Archive .  Links to Photographs will still be found here so check back from time to time.

In the Summer of 2017 the Sunday School, members, staff and leaders, discussed how they would wish to continue in the light of falling numbers and growing age of the participants.  Cammy, Glen, Jamie and Matthew decided that they wanted to continue as part of St Mark’s but felt that the ‘Bible story’ approach no longer held interest for them.  So, with the support of the Kirk Session it was agreed that the boys would meet on the first Sunday of each month and remain in the Sanctuary for the whole Service.  On other Sundays they would meet away from the church to pursue other activities, eg cycling, games etc.  Despite there being only four boys they were keen to carry on with traditional things, like the Christmas Nativity, so for 2017 they led a service of Nine Lessons and Carols.

Welcome Back to Sesion 2012/2013
At the start of our 2012/2013 session ‘Uncle Sandy’ prepared our welcome letter and Calendar.  You can read it here or download your own copy for printing.

Winter 2012    SATS II Day
On Sunday 12 February 2012 we took part in a joint Grouping Service with our friends from Queen Street and held another SATS (Special Agent Training School) to learn more about being Special Agents for God.  It was fun and hard work and you will be able to read more about it in the Church magazine, ‘The Messenger’ when it comes out just before Easter and appears on the website.  In the meantime you can get a flavour of our day here .

Christmas 2011
On Sunday 18 December we presented our Nativity Service.  This year was quite different as we presented a Service of Nine Lessons and Carols.  We also had help from parents, aunties etc as we told the Christmas Story with readings and songs.  We had some soloists and groups singing and we did have the Congregation sing as well!  We also had a baptism as Lachlan David Alick Brown joined the St Mark’s family.  You can see the service  here and read our Sunday School special Order of Service, cortesy of , which only we had, thanks to “Uncle Sandy”.

September 2011
SeptemberThe new 2011/2012 session is underway (11/09/11) and today the children were given their “welcome back” letter, actually more of a booklet (there’s so much going on).  You can download it here, just in case you’ve lost it, or some of the detail when you completed the tear off reply slip – you did complete the tear off slip, didn’t you?  Just click on the image.

From the Spring 2011 “Messenger”
Great fun was had by all at the recent joint service, where Queen Street and St Mark’s Sunday schools got together with Diane.

shadesThe children attended our ‘Special Agent Training School’ ( SATS) where they learned how big our God is and how he can do the impossible.  We made special agent badges, deciphered Allan’s secret Bible code and tried hard to complete the ‘impossible’ tasks set by Diane.  We had a reading from our special agent handbook, the Bible, and said a thank you prayer using wool!   Young John did get rather tied up at that point.  At the end of the morning we all graduated and received a certificate and a pair of special agent glasses.

We are looking forward to getting together again.

From the Winter 2010 “Messenger”

First of all thank you so very much to everyone who supported our Halloween Coffee Morning.  It was a great success and boosted our funds considerably.

As you know our twinned church at Mpachika gave us a lovely carved Noah’s Ark and animals so we are going to use that theme for Tea Towels which we will be selling at the Christmas Coffee Shops to help us buy some comfy bean bags for Sunday School.  The Tea Towels will make marvellous Christmas presents or ‘first foots’ so come along and buy (please).

The children were delighted by the responses to the sweet bags they made for Harvest Sunday.  We really wanted to reach out to the congregation and judging by the lovely letters and comments received we succeeded.

At the moment we are looking at stories about Joseph and his coat of many colours so we are planning to view the video of the St Mark’s Players performance of Joseph and His Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.  How many of the faces of friends and family on screen do you think we will recognise?

From the Autumn 2010 Messenger

We started our new session on Sunday 22nd August when the Rev Diane Hobson took the service as the Congregation’s Sole Nominee. The children really liked her and enjoyed her talk to us. We have heard of one little boy who has promised to play and talk to any children who look lost or alone in the playground. We hope everyone will do the same.  Everybody also liked the little green frog in a jar that Diane gave to us when we went downstairs and before the end of Sunday School he had turned into a Handsome Prince!

We’ll tell you all about our trip to Alford in the next Messenger but for now that’s all our news; please come and visit.

The 2010/2011 Sessions Starts Sunday 22 August

This will be an historic day in the life of St Mark’s and its Sunday School.  Sunday 22 August sees Rev Diane Hobson preach as Sole Nominee in the vacancy and she will conduct worship, starting off by speaking to the children.  All of the children will receive a “Welcome Back” letter from the Sunday School staff giving details of important dates for the first part of the session.  You can download it here .

2009/2010 Session comes to an end.

The Sunday School and Youth Fellowship Promotion Service was held on Sunday 27 June 2010 and led by the teachers, helpers and young people of the congregation.  Their theme for the year had been “The Creation” and so this was the theme for the service.  The younger children dressed up as animals and told the congregation the day by day story of the creation.  They also, through drama, told us about some of their Sunday School lessons.  We heard about the children’s contribution to Sports Relief, how they look after their pets and about planting seeds.  Allan and David took us back in time to the SS&YF version of “Take Your Pick” with everyone “winning” as the children handed out God’s Love gift cards with unlimited value.  Rev Michael Phillippo handed over the end of term promotion prizes with Keith Low receiving a travel bible to mark his departure from YF as he moves on to college in Edinburgh to study for a degree in dance.  If you were there you will have seen it all, if not you can see some of the service here .

From the Summer 2010 “Messenger”

The children of the Sunday School and Youth Fellowship joined the congregation on Easter Sunday before going down to the hall to get ready for their Easter Egg Hunt in Union Terrace Gardens.  We are very fortunate in having wonderful Sunday School teachers and the pictures show how well the Sunday School and Youth Fellowship get along together; the smiles on the children’s faces says it all.  Anyone wishing to join them on a Sunday morning will be made very welcome.

From the Spring 2010 “Messenger”

The Sunday School had a fabulous time at the Inverurie Panto.  We particularly enjoyed cheering on our own Rachael and Kirsty Watson.  Ricky Garden’s catch phrase ‘easy peezy lemon squeezy’ is still being repeated by some.

Our Nativity went well with our Sunday School children and Youth Fellowship working alongside each other to deliver our Christmas message.

The Christmas party was a great success and we must have been very good because Santa made a surprise visit.

So far this term we have been thinking about love: God’s love and our love for God and our neighbours.  With this in mind we made a contribution to the Haiti fund from our Sunday School collections.  We started our preparations for Easter by looking at Lent and plan to continue along this theme for the rest of the term.  This will hopefully be concluded with our annual egg rolling trip to the park.

We would like to thank Leona for sharing her musical talents with us, Uncle Sandy (aka Alex McConochie) for his IT skills and printing contributions, those who helped with and supported the Sunday School coffee morning and all the ‘Grannies’ who organised our Christmas party snack.  You all made the festive period lots of fun for us.

The Sunday School Team

From the Winter 2009 Messenger

The children, young adults and teachers of the Sunday School had a great Summer outing to Brechin Castle.  The weather stayed nice for us and we made the most of our time there.

The ride on tractors were well utilised, although we admit not sticking to the age restriction! We are sure the red tractor Sarah Low peddled frantically was wobbly before she got on it!  Allan Cunningham did a wonderful job of giving struggling drivers a push on the go-karts.  However, I was a bit peeved when he and Christina-Ann did an illegal manoeuvre to overtake me on the race course!

The horses got more than their fair share of grass that day and quite a few people went home with sand in their shoes.  Our competitive streaks were evident during the races but there was absolutely no cheating, not when I was looking anyway!   The high-light of the day was a barrel buggy ride round the park.  The photographs of our day are in the hall.  Feel free to come and have a look.
We are looking forward to making some prayer boxes this term, learning about the meaning of the advent candle and, of course, getting ready for our nativity.  As a reward for our hard work we are planning some festive treats, the traditional Christmas party and a trip to Inverurie Panto.  Any children or young adults who haven’t been to Sunday School for a while should make the effort to join us in the coming weeks and be included in our plans.

We would love to see you.

Jo Donaldson

19April 2009 Update

Today I have added the following from the Easter 2009 “Messenger”

The Sunday School and Youth Fellowship would like to thank everyone who came along and supported us at our Nativity Service. We hope you enjoyed the World Premiere of “Tinsel and Teatowelsl” which was written especially for us by Matthew and Jamie’s mummy and Aunty Leona. We have a special thank you to everyone who joined in on the day and dressed up with their own teatowels and tinsel. This made it feel even more like one big family service.

This session, as well as working on our lessons, we may be thinking about some special events which we will be able to share with everyone in the congregation. Watch out for more information in the coming months in the pew leaflets or the next magazine!

Best  wishes to you all from everyone in the Sunday School and YF

29 March 2009 Update

The children were today learning about different strengths and this involved, among other things, blowing up ballons – some with more success than others.  Have a look.

1 March 2009 Update

Today the Sunday School children were learning about helping others and “First Aid” was the order of the day.  You can see what they got up to by looking here.  Don’t worry, it doesn’t look like anyone was harmed in the production of these photographs!