Stained Glass Windows

The Stained Glass Windows

The stained glass windows that you see in the church were gifted to the three congregations which have come together over the years to become Aberdeen St Mark’s Church of Scotland.  The layout plan below identifies each window’s position by number and the brief narrative, taken from the window, identifies to which church the window was originally donated.  The layout plan is linked to our Photograph Gallery and each individual narrative is linked to the photograph of that particular window.  Each Gallery image will open a new window on your desktop.

The webmaster is grateful to Peter Cormack MBE FSA Vice-President of the British Society of Master Glass-Painters who, following a visit to St Mark’s in August 2014, provided further information on a number of the windows which has been included below.

WindowsWindow 1 – South Church
“To the Glory of God and in loving memory of our father and mother Stephen Goodbrand, manufacturer in Aberdeen born 1st April 1827 died 17th February 1904 AD and Isobel Jamieson born 1st October 1827 died 6th September 1904 AD this window is dedicated”

‘Conversion of St Paul’ (1904) designed by an un-named local artist.

Window 2 – Trinity Church
“In memory of Agnes Elizabeth Thomson wife of the Revd Andrew Doak and of their two children Adam Andrew and Louise Alberton Birnie July 1887”  Donated by Rev Doak in 1892 – “Jesus Blessing Children”.

Designed by Sir Edward Burne-Jones, Bt. (1833-1898) with William Morris (1834-1896) and made by Morris & Company of Merton Abbey, Surrey.  This is of course the notable firm founded by William Morris, the great Victorian artist-craftsman, poet and socialist.

Window 3 – Trinity Church
“In memory of James Allan who died Dec 3 1861 aged 69yrs and of Barbara Begg or Allan who died Oct 2 1875 aged 83yrs.  This window is erected by their sons David and Alexander”  Donated in 1876 – “The Presentation in the Temple”.

Designed and manufactured by the firm of Thomas Ralph Spence (1845-1918) of London.

Window 4 – South Church
“To the Glory of God and in loving memory of Charlotte Taggart born 24th January 1839 died 24th July 1923.  The wife of George England for over fifty years and an Office Bearer in this Church and Congregation.  A woman that feareth the Lord shall be praised”

“Charity” (1923). Designed and made by John MacDonald Aiken RSA ARCA (1880-1961).  Aiken was a distinguished Aberdeen born painter and designer, best known today for his portrait and landscape paintings and his etchings.  He was Head of Gray’s School of Art from 1911-1914.  He designed and made windows for several locations in Aberdeen, including St James Episcopal Church and the former Langstane Church.

Window 5 – Trinity Church
“In memory of Barbara Ledingham born August 26th 1880 died October 13th 1883.  This window is erected by her father John Ledingham”  Donated in 1884 – “The Visitation to Mary”

“Annunciation”. Designed and manufactured by the firm of Thomas Ralph Spence (1845-1918) of London.

Window 6 – Trinity Church
“In memory of Eliza Walker born September 28 1887 died July 8 1888.  This window is erected by her sister Margaret”  Donated in 1889 – “The Raising of Lazarus”.

Designed and manufactured by the firm of Thomas Ralph Spence (1845-1918) of London.

Window 7 – East & Belmont Church
“To the Glory of God and in loving memory of the reverend Matthew Urie Baird DD Minister of East and Belmont Church 1929 – 1955”

“Calling of St Matthew” (c1955)  Designed and made by Gordon Webster (1908-1987) of Glasgow.

Window 8 – East & Belmont Church
“To the Glory of God and in memory of James Thom Jeffrey Advocate and Elder in this Congregation 1907 – 1941.  Erected by his sister Elizabeth Jeffrey”

Jesus as ‘The light of the world’ with Angels and symbols (1950’s).  Made by Abbey Studios (Glasgow & Edinburgh) probably from the design by James A Crombie.  The central panel may possibly be from an earlier (Victorian) window.  It is a copy of the well known painting by William Holman Hunt, of which the original version is in the chapel of Keble College, Oxford.  (A later version is in St Paul’s Cathedral).

Window 9 – South Church
“To the Glory of God and in loving memory of Alexander Ogston Gill DL who faithfully served God and his generation in this city and congregation.  Born 1832 died 1908”

“Jesus healing the sick and infirm” (1890’s/1900’s)  Designed by Alexander Walker (of Glasgow) made by an unidentified studio.

Window 10 – South Church
“In memory of an Act of Faith.  The disruption in 1843 and the founding of the Free Church of Scotland.  Presented by Ellen Bryce Louden of Allenshaw Hamilton in December 1891”

“Miriam” (1890’s) Designer and maker not identified.

Window 11 – South Church
“In memory of John Gray engineer an elder in this congregation.  Died Oct 11 1891.  Presented by the members of the congregation in recognition of his public spirit and his generous gift towards the erection of this church building”

“Jesus and the Centurion” (1890’s)  Designer and maker not identified.

Window 12 – South Church
“In memory of James Boyne McCombie Advocate who died on April 19 1885 and of Andrew Murray of Allathan Advocate who died 19 July 1889.  Both elders in this congregation and men full of faith and good works.  This is presented by their friends and relatives and members of the congregation”

“St Peter and St John healing the lame man at the Beautiful Gate (Acts 3:2) (1890’s)   Designer and maker not identified.

Window 13 – South Church
“To the Glory of God and in memory of John Cook of Ashley AD 1899”

“Jesus blessing children” (1900)  Designed and made by Aberdeen born Douglas Strachan LLD HRSA (1875-1950)  An exceptionally important window by the greatest of all Scottish stained glass artists who gained an international reputation for his windows at the Peace Palace in The Hague, at Edinburgh’s Scottish national War Memorial and in cathedrals and churches throughout the UK.  This window is one of Dr Strachan’s very earliest and was probably made by him in collaboration with the local firm of James Garvie and Sons.  It commemorates the local ship-owner and businessman John Cook, Chairman of John Cook & Sons and the Aberdeen Heritable Securities and Investment Company.

Window 14 – Trinity Church
“In memory of Sarah Ann Bruce or Butchart born Sept 6 1848 died Jan 12 1889 wife of James Sylvester Butchart by whom this window is erected”  Donated in 1890 – “Adoration of the Magi”.

“The Three Kings at the Nativity” (1900’s)  Designed and manufactured by the firm of Thomas Ralph Spence (1845-1918) of London.