The 2009 Update

With the retiral of John Watson as our minister it was felt appropriate to retain his strong links with Mpachika Church by establishing a committee from within the congregation.  That committee has a new logo and you can read about it here.  It will be arranging fund raising events and representing St Mark’s on the Presbytery Committee, of which John remains a member.

One of the committee members is in regular contact with Mpachika and the following material is from messages received from Mary Ngwira in Malawi.

Mary Ngwira

Mary Ngwira

September 2009


For the kitchen project we are at roofing stage as John promised us to send us money for the roofing.  We have received the funds about £2,000 (St Mark’s £1,500 plus £500 from John Watson).  It has taken about three weeks if not a month to get cleared by the bank.  It was only yesterday(15/09/09) when we were called by the bank that our money has finally been cleared.  Converting in Malawi Kwacha its about MKW458,161.51.  We are sure if we buy iron sheets and other materials ourselves we will manage to finish off the roofing stage, thereafter what will remain is finishing off, this will need extra funds i.e. plastering both in and out, floor(cement), toilets, sinks, cabinets etc, so that we can declare the kitchen is finished according to the plan.  After finishing roofing we will send you pictures and actual expenditures on roofing for both (material/labour charges).

Apart from the kitchen project we are also building Offices behind the Church.  I hope we showed you the plan that time you came.  It is also on roofing stage.  We had fund-raising (Big paper Sundays) on March quarter and June quarter respectively.  From the funds we accumulated from 1st quarter we started with foundation, from 2nd quarter building walls inclusive of office rooms, now we are about to finish up to roofing level.  We are planning for another big paper Sunday this quarter to have funds for roofing process.

Women Guilds, with the machine you gave us they are busy sewing their uniforms for the big launch they are having on 04th October.  The money you gave to women guild’s choir, they have managed to produce an Audio CD which I am sure they will realise a lot of money after selling them from this launch.

We need your prayers and support so that these functions should be succesful.

As for Sunday School, they are going for their final plays.  They participated with other Churches within Blantyre Synod.  Some of our children got good scores/grades on poems, dramas, bible verses, gestures etc and were chosen to participate in the final draws this weekend at Presbytery Office.

These are the latest updates so far.  Greetings to you all and we love you all.

October 2009

On Church project (the kitchen), the roofing is now over, our forcasted budget was not very far away from actuals, I will send you the report any time exactly how much roofing stage costed us and copies of iron sheets invoices plus other materials and labour charges.  Maybe by next week everything will be ready.  On the Container project, clothes for example we had to share with the most needy children in all 10 cottages and old people from our church as well as those who don’t belong to our church in the village. On Sewing machines, we started very well but very shortly we had a problem with the tailor whom we employed to teach ladies on how to sew, as a result the progress declined alittle bit.  As of now we want to employ another one to proceed where he stopped.  Otherwise we benefitted a lot from the machines.  We were selling toilet set, kitchen set, girl’s dresses, sofa set etc. from the same machines.  For more information let you know later.

Have a lovely day,greetings to all.